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Music by Mind Pollution; Lyrics by Bryant

Verse 1:
Holding my hands out, reaching for someone that's not there
You always told me you'd never leave me alone
I look for you now that I fallen away from myself
You're no where to be found, your promise was as empty as me
Falling down

Staring into the mirror, my face seems so unreal
With this pain I can not deal
Eyes looking back in mine, but a soul I cannot find
I'm not even human anymore
Scars on my wrists, from where I used to bleed
They have never healed my pain
A life that means nothing is not a life at all
I wish someone would take it all away

Verse 2:
Battered and beaten my life has no meaning at all
Torn and broken and left to die all alone
I've lost you now I dont even know my own self
Face turned against the wind I feel I should run away
Or just die

(Repeat Chorus)