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Broken Soul

Music by Lydon, Oliver, and Bryant; Lyrics by Barnes and Bryant

Verse 1:
These chains of sorrow drag me down
Into a pit of despair
Shackled by my lust for freedom
The hatred rises in my soul
For the agony of life is to strong
The dimensions of hell have trapped my hope
Reaching to the light, the darkness closes in
Blinding me from the rest of the world

I am lost
On my knees
Cursing at the skies above
I am forgot
Unanswered pleas
My soul's destiny signed in blood

Verse 2:
Into this grave where there's no escape
Crying for this pain to stop
The icy hands of death upon me
Can you hear my cries of torture
This hell the only reality I know
Crying for relief
A broken soul, a shattered man
Afraid of destiny

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge 1:
My soul searches for places unknown
I'm lost so far away from home
All light is gone, all life is gone
Crying for relief, can you feel me

Bridge 2:
Now my body starts to die
I raise my fist into the night
A broken man I now lie
Darkness comes without a fight
I hear nothing but my screams
Swallowed by this black embrace
Why does no one answer me
Death has brough me to this place

Can you feel my pain
I have lost my way
Life is replaced by death's embrace
Into the ground where I lay
Sometimes I fear the worst
Only death will stop this hurt
Damned to die alone in this curse

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Treachery, a slave to the dark
I want back what was taken from me
Forever damned, a nightmare
The path of death has led me here
In the eyes of my weeping carcass
Buried so no one will find me
Now my life has drifted away
For eternity I shall sleep

(Repeat Chorus)