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Holding On...

Music by Harris; Lyrics by Barnes, Bryant, and Harris

Verse 1:
In this darkened cloud, blacking out my eyes
I can still hear her voice crying out to me
The darkness never seems to fade away
Dawn of a distant light, clenching to the empty skies above

Here I stand upon the edge of sanity
Holding on to what she had never known
I cannot bear to watch as your slipping farther away from me
So I stand alone, but no one seems to know
Where I'm supposed to go

Verse 2:
Falling throught the boundaries of time
Wasted memories of my forgotten life
Tell me what I've done to deserve this misery
Forever drifting, forever falling away from me

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge 1:
So I run so far away
That I lose myself
In this world of pain and fear of agony
That bounds my soul mourning to be free
Yet I fall farther than ever before
I'm slipping away
But no one seems to know
I've lost all that was known to me
I walk alone
No more what I was
A shadow left in the dark
Suffering for all time
Please Lord, let the angels
Carry me home

Bridge 2:
Will I always feel the void
That you left in my heart
I can't hold myself above
All my fears, which have turned on me
Left here all alone
Lost so far from home
Can't you see the life in me is gone

(Repeat Chorus)

Falling through the boundaries
I still hear her voice
Tell me what I've done
Forever I walk alone