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Thanks for checking out the MP home page. Here's what's new in our world:

1-12-03 Small update on the MP cd. I'm hoping for atleast 10 track of combined live, and studio stuff.
1. Bound By Misery 2. I saw the world 3. Another Day 4. Beside Your Grave 5. Prisoner Of War 6. Again
Plus some various live tracks from Mind Pollution in Knoxville on 4/8/00.
Line-up for the cd will most likly be Bobby L. Bryant(Vocals, Bass), Tony Oliver(Rhythm Guitars), Ben Harris(drum programming, vocals, guitar, piano)all though no real drums), and maybe Tim(Lead guitars, vocals).
The line-up for the live tracks is Bob(bass), Tim(lead Guitar), Ben(drums), Jason(Vocals, rhythm guitar).

4-29-02 Mind Pollution will be recording a full length CD of music written during their Seven year career. Tracks have not been selected as of yet, nor the members which will be involed. The only info on this release as of now is that founder Bobby Bryant will be on bass guitar, and most of the vocals tracks. No date is set for this release. More info soon.

Mind Pollution is no more. We have decided to disband in order to persue new musical directions. We would like to thank all the great bands we've played with, and most importantly all the people who have showed us support. Thank you.

However, there is some good news. Out of the ashes of Mind Pollution comes a new musical project. This new project is called Summer Dying and can be found at to be Feel free to sign up on the Summer Dying mailer which is located on the contact page. Again, thank you all.

Tim, Bob, Tony and Ben