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Welcome to Anarchy
Lyrics by Bryant, Music by Zerby, Bryant, Lydon

Verse 1:
The time is here
But no one knows
It comes closer
As we go
Nuclear warfare
Will put us all to waste
Screaming revolution
In the face

Welcome to the show
Hear the faint cry of revolution
Welcome to my dream
With vengeance we start to scream
Welcome to reality
Wake up and smell the pollution
Welcome to anarchy
Revolution they start to sing

Verse 2:
Of our earth
Branding us
Dead at birth
Can you feel me
I'm coming for you
Your wealth starts to bleed
Anarchy will ensue

(Repeat Chorus)

Why should I be proud
For something I can't stand
What is pride anywhay
A feeling to destroy man
Government conspiracies
Puts bullets in hand
Cocked and loaded
They're sent to kill
Welcome to the show
Welcome to my dream
Welcome to reality
Welcome to anarchy