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Coward's Way Out
Lyrics by Lydon; Music not written yet

Verse 1:
He sits and thinks; he's in dispair
Seeking answers that aren't there
And no one really seems to care
His life he can no longer bare

Seeking only to soothe the pain
In the end, no one gains

Verse 2:
"Goodbye cruel world" he calls
"I'll bet to see heaven after all"
But little does he realize
From heaven he will fall

(Repeat Chorus)

He doesn't care what others will think
Or the pain that he will cause
Finger on the trigger, cowards way out
But that's all he ever was

Verse 3:
He thought he'd suffered here on earth
But as he soon found out
The consequences of suicide
Were much worse beyond a doubt

(Repeat Chorus)

2nd Chorus
An eternity in pain
In the end, the devil gains