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Death on a Pale Horse

Music and Lyrics by Bryant

Verse 1:
Death on a pale horse
It's a constant thrill
Doesn't seem to matter
When you're out to kill
No where to run
He's gonna find you now
You can't run
You can't hide
Hell follows
Him behind

Verse 2:
99 ways to die
Time flies by
Sign your life on the line
God left you behind
Release your fears
And hide your tears
Falling to Hell
Satan cast his spell
Rose to the top
Now it's time to stop

Verse 3:
(Repeat Verse 1)

Verse 4:
Nowhere to run to
Time is at it's end
Death on a pale horse
To Hell you're sent
Tearing through the boundries
What more can you do
Time is over
Put an end to you
Walk the straight and narrow line
Or meet death devine