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The Fear

Music and Lyrics by Lydon

Verse 1:
You come and tempt me
I cannot win
Shoot up and wait for the show to begin
You cannot save me
It will all come down soon
Throw away my life for a needle and a spoon

I cannot hide
This pain inside
The only way I know
To make it all subside

Verse 2:
I cannot stop you
Yet I cannot see
The power you have over me
I can't supress you
Grab the needle in haste
Throw away my life for this poppy-seed waste

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

When you call my name
I can't help but hear
Promises of everything
Whispered in my ear
If it stays the same
I'll no longer be here
And I'll know the meaning of The Fear

Verse 3:
It travels through me
I watch the world disappear
I'm seeing things that shouldn't be there
If you look inside me
You will see
My former self begging to be set free

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus x2)