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What's Left for Liberty
Lyrics by Bryant, Music by Zerby, Lydon

Verse 1:
Sent to die for the country
Liberty is what they seek
Experimented with like a monkey
All for the freedom to speak
Lie down and give your life
Strive to find a reason why
Stand up its time to fight
Stand up its time to die

Killing to find a reason
Killing to find a way
Killing to end the treason
All this death today
War is justified
But it's not right
Bombs bursting in the sky
No warning, killed at night

Verse 2:
For justice and to secure peace
And by the dawn's early light
Littered with bodies the ground will feast
On those who were trained to die
Oh say can you see
What we've done to each other
This isn't the way things are supposed to be
We have destroyed our mother

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
The End is Now for A Lost Dream
Meltdown is your Future's Holding
The Ibex along he rides
With Death on a Pale Horse, No More Goodbies
Mind's Polluted, The Fear I see
Fear of a Dying World looking back at me
The Morbid Ones and the death they bring
Death and Destruction, What's Left for Liberty