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Mind Pollution

Music and Lyrics by Bryant, Lydon

Here we go!

Verse 1:
Taught from the day of birth to believe what they say
Youth's innocence, their breeding ground to wash the truth away
Their masquerade, a massacre in which society pays
A nation of brainwashed slaves continue to pave the way

It is all a lie
Your dream does not exist
Society is a slave
The master cracks the whip
With my fist in the air
I pray for revoution
The truth that burns deep in our souls
To them is mind pollution

Verse 2:
I do not believe your lies, your words mean nothing to me
You can't mold my mind into what you want it to be
You think you can control our thoughts but we will make you see
The truth will bring you to your knees, your lies will set us free

(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 3:
(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)