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Bound by Misery
Lyrics by Bryant, Barnes; Music by Lydon

Verse 1:
Drown in sorrow
I try to swim
To a shore
That's never been
Drifting further into my hell
Sinking deeper into my cell
I must look deep within
To find myself but strayed by sin

Why am I damned to be
Is it something inside of me
A slave to my reality
Why can my soul never be free
You never stop to see
There's nothing inside of me
I'm bound by misery
Please God, set me free

Verse 2:
My life is full of guilt
And full of pain
Feeling trapped
Burn with hate
Losing control deception reigns
Bound by misery my eternal fate
The ones I loved tuned on me
All I have is my misery

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Now I know
I fought myself all along
But through it all
I still stand strong
Now trust I cannot find
Hate is something learned with time
You made me become me
You made me this demon you see

(Repeat Chorus)