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Metal Wings of Death
Lyrics by Lydon, Bryant; Music by Lydon

Verse 1:
As you close your eyes
And start to fall asleep
Your sinful ways
What you sow you shall reap
Death starts to arise
And spreads his metal wings
Lurking in the shadows
Hell beneath your feet

The metal wings of death
Takes your soul to hell
A sinful delusion
To Satan your soul you sell
Upon the wings of death
Your soul is ripped away
Now take his bony hand
To hell he leads the way

Verse 2:
An eternity of pain
Is the price you have to pay
For hurting other people
Your whole life wasted away
With pleasure Death does grin
The fury of hell burns in his eyes
Fear consumes you now
In agony you die

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Infinity and forever
Napalm in your mind
An eternity in hell
Brning for all time
In a melancholly rage
You spend the infinite years
With Satan's delighted laughter
Ringing in your ears

(Repeat Chorus)