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Needle By My Side
Lyrics by Bryant, Lydon, Zerby; Music not written yet

Verse 1:
Mind's taken over
Life's gone straight to hell
Lies I tell myself
I need the pain I know so well
Regrets for myself
Friends lost in my war
I wish I were dead
The end I see afar

Shooting venom in my veins
It always soothes the pain
Knots form on my arms
My brain's all that's harmed
God help me see the light
Show me the way tonight
All I have left of life
Is this needle by my side

Verse 2:
Shreeks in my head
Promises I shall regret
Death I am not afraid
Life the thing I fret
Fighting for my life
Fighting for my soul
Hiding from myself
Falling into this hole

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Inject your venom
Living life of sin
Dying from the poison
Rotting from within
Lies I tell myself
Painless way to die
End of my struggle
Now alone I cry

(Repeat Chorus)