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Prisoner of War
Lyrics by Lydon, Music by Lydon and Bryant

Verse 1:
Fire-lighting up the sky
Death is calling me by name
Machine gun in hand as I go
Off to stake my claim
A burning in my ears
A void left in my heart
Knowing in the back of my mind
From this world I'll soon depart

Still alive
Kill and survive
Still don't know what I'm living for
Still alive
Dead inside
My mind is just a prisoner of war

Verse 2:
Death-fills every waking thought
I see it everywhere
Horrid sights fill my senses
Its foul stench fills the air
Rushing into battle
I suddenly feel bold
When unexpectedly
A land mine stops me cold

(Repeat Chorus)

Why do men fight and die
For something they've never seen?
They go off to kill and call it patriotism
I call it lunacy and insanity.
The puppeteers care not about them
But for the cause for which they die
The soldiers care not who they kill
As long as they serve their country

Verse 3:
Blackness-filling up my eyes
I see my life before me
My gun clenched in my hand
Afraid to no longer be
And with my dying breath
I'm laughing to myself
My life amounted to nothing
I should have killed me myself

(Repeat Chorus x2)