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No Turning Back

Music and Lyrics by Lydon

Verse 1:
Your life is at it's end
Eternity to spend
Hear the Reaper comin'
There is no denial
Waiting for the trial
Now you're done in
Give a friendly greeting
There's no shame in meeting
Death with a smile
No use trying to fight it
Had your chance to right it
Come in and stay for a while

The end is now
It happened somehow
There's no turning back now
The end is now

Verse 2:
You don't think it's fair
But, my friend beware
This shroud of death before you
Not knowing what's true
Only knows his job to do:
To rip your soul from you
Give a ghastly grimace
From the pain and malice
As he takes your soul from you
Don't try hiding
There's no trouble finding
A bully and a coward like you

(Repeat Chorus)

Total indiscrimination
He cares not who you are
Only you know where you are

Verse 3:
There you sit eternally
On a fiery sea
Our freind Death brought you here
Never ending regret
With empathy you let
The past in your mind appear
What went wrong in life
Realized your strife
You reached your nadir and fell
Never did repent
So to hell you're sent
Eternal regretting yell

(Repeat Chorus)